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Analysis of SociaL Inpact in an Environmental Studies
Analysis of social and economic community impacts produced by the project. . Inserting a project in a specific area, it represents many social impacts and economic, that are directed specifically to the perception of the population about the development of the project. . The analysis gives the opportunity to identify the most important social and economic impacts so that they can propose the necessary measures to avoid or mitigate the negative effects and enhance positive ones. In this situation, we can mention that generally the most representative economic impacts caused by the project, ...
Una Oportunidad Real de Negocio
Una Oportunidad Real de Negocio . En la actualidad contamos con oportunidades excelentes para ganar dinero. . También es cierto que no todos logramos vislumbrar claramente las mismas, porque venimos de tradiciones de décadas y años en que se ha posicionado un único modelo tradicional de empleo “ Fijo ”. . El mundo CAMBIÓ , y ya lo que era “ Estabilidad ” . Simplemente DEJÓ DE EXISTIR . . Ya un empleo fijo NO GARANTIZA estabilidad, de tal manera que hay que . BUSCAR ALTERNATIVAS. . ¡Y EN LA ...
Coal Fired Power Plants (With High Standards of Emission Control)
For the period from 2010 to 2016 , the growth of energy consumption was 4.7 %. The number of customers has an average annual growth rate of 5.3 %, or that joined about 155.116 new customers to the system at the rate of 31.023 customers per year average .The thermal power generation in 2010, increased by 9.4 percent and the self-generated by other companies at 46.4 percent ; however, hydropower generation declined by 7.1 percent. Electricity consumption in 2010 continued with positive variation of 3.3 percent, industrial consumption by 16.3 percent , trade at 4.5 percent , residential at 2.8 ...
Wind Power Project (Climate Change Adaptation)
The LANDSTAR G-55 wind farm is the initial installation of a network of several wind turbines that will seek to transform the kinetic energy of wind flow in electricity, with a generating capacity of 2 MW each, for a total installed capacity of 320 MW , the which will be conducted through a power transmission line 34.5 Kv , with a distance of 20.5km . , to a substation that will raise the voltage to connect it to the national ( high voltage) power grid , in order to improve the ability of system of electricity supply nationwide. . The Project Part N°1 . The use of wind energy is ...
Projects with use of Natural Gas (Centralamerican and Panama)
Landstar Environmental Services, it promote clean energy projects such as the use of natural gas. The project involves the construction of a thermoelectric power generation plant of approximately 350 MW, which operate using propane gas. The installation of the thermoelectric plant is designed to generate electricity in a combined cycle capable of use either Gas Propane or Diesel fuel with a generating capacity of approximately 350 MW and terminals alternators to a maximum of 360 MW. What is propane? It is a liquefied petroleum gas, which is obtained from oil and natural gas. This gas has ...
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como conseguir cash en operation 7

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No se como conseguir dinero en operation 7!!!!!